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Leibniz Research Alliances

Leibniz institutions form collaborative research alliances which use inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to address current scientific and socially-relevant issues.
The alliances are designed for a period of five to 15 years and are open for collaboration with universities, other non-university research institutions and infrastructure facilities as well as research groups abroad.
The FZB is currently partner in the following networks:

The Alliance „INFECTIONS´21" – Transmission Control of Infections in the 21th Century“ is coordinated by the Research Center Borstel and financially supported by Leibniz Association. This interdisciplinary project, founded by 14 Leibniz institutions and three external partners started in January 2015 and will run over a period of four years with a volume of 600.000 Euro.

Leibniz ScienceCampus Kiel

Leibniz ScienceCampi promote cooperation on an equal footing between Leibniz institutions and universities in the form of thematically-focused, complementary regional partnerships. The objective is to create networks to drive the respective research field and to strengthen the scientific environment for the relevant themes. The networks conduct strategic research, encourage interdisciplinarity in their topics, projects and methods, enhance the visibility of the respective location and hone its research profile.

The Leibniz ScienceCampus  „Evolutionary Medicine of the Lung“ (EvoLUNG) is funded with 4 Mio. Euro (1,2 Mio. Euro sponsored by the Leibniz-Association; 0,5 Mio. Euro sponsored by Land Schleswig-Holstein) for a period of 4 years. EvoLUNG is based on an approved partnership between FZB, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön. The objectives to be reached are interdisciplinary research to elucidate severe lung diseases by evolution scientific methods followed by the development of new therapies for diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, mucoviscidosis and COPD.


Leibniz Competition

Research Network 'Lung microbiota at the interface between airway epithelia and environment'

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