History of the Research Center Borstel

The Research Center Borstel was founded in 1947 as a research institute with the main focus on tuberculosis and leprosy.

1963, Borstel is constituted as a foundation, the term "Research Institute Borstel, Institute for Experimental Biology and Medicine" was changed into "Research Center Borstel - Center for Medicine and Biosciences" in 1995.

The Federal Government and the Land already realized the importance of this centre many years ago and took up the RCB into the so-called "Blue List". This is a nation-wide association of 83 non-university research institutes which today calls itself Leibniz Association. In order to demonstrate its closeness to this scientific umbrella organization, the centre was renamed "Research Center Borstel - Leibniz-Center for Medicine and Biosciences" in the year 2004.