Organization chart

In order to achieve its research goals, the Center is organized into two priority research areas - Chronic Lung Diseases and Infections - which are completed and linked by the infrastructure area Medicine. These priority research areas, which are committed to the research concept, form the lines of action to which the research groups, junior research groups and university liaison groups are assigned.

Directors and their permanent representatives are responsible for the scientific and strategic development of the priority research area and thus for the implementation of the research concept.

The medical infrastructures are managed by a Medical Director.

The CEO represents the FZB internally and externally.


Priority Research Area Chronic Lung Diseases

The Priority Research Area Chronic Lung Diseases focuses on the pathogenetically and clinically relevant aspects of initiation and exacerbation of allergic and asthmatic diseases. On the one hand, the focus is on the analysis of the conditions that are important for the imprinting and manifestation of asthmatic reactions (from epigenetics, environmental microbiome-lung epithelial interaction to the regulation of inflammatory reactions), on the other hand, the identification of biomarker signatures for individualized diagnostics and therapy support in asthma, copd and allergies.


Priority Research Area Infections

The Priority Research Area Infections focuses on mechanisms of virulence, persistence, antibiotic resistance, host-pathogen interaction and pathogenesis predominantly in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and develops the basis for a faster and more precise surveillance and diagnosis of mycobacterial diseases, develops new anti-infective concepts and implements an individualized treatment of M/XDR-TB.


Infrastructure and Service Sector Medicine

The medical sector consists of the Medical Care Centre, the Study Center and the BioMaterialBank Nord (BMB Nord), and is linked to the translational agenda of the priority research areas representing an infrastructural platform for biomarker and therapy studies as well as for the implementation of innovative special diagnostics.

Please see here the organization chart in detail.