Press Releases 2023

Winteracademy of Pneumology:  Education again at a high level

From 08-13 January 2023, the Winteracademy of Pneumology took place for the 13th time St. Leonard in Pitztal (Austria) at almost 1800 meters above sea level. Physicians from all parts of Germany met in a pleasant workshop atmosphere to discuss the major topics of pulmonary medicine: asthma/COPD, tumor diseases, infectious diseases, intensive care, interstitial lung diseases and cardiopulmonary diseases with leading experts. Theoretical lectures were complemented by interactive case discussions and practical exercises (bronchoscopy course, pulmonary function course, ventilation course and radiology course).

The Winteracademy of Pneumology is supported by the German Society of Pneumology (DGP) and is aimed at advanced physicians in internal medicine training. In view of the increasing shortage of specialists, the event helps to recruit new colleagues for the pneumological specialty. Most of the >300 participants so far find their way into pneumology.

"Time for career discussions, an excellent "up-to-date" of pulmonary medicine and "hand-on courses" characterize the atmosphere at the Winteracademy," says Professor Christoph Lange of the Borstel Research Center, who co-chairs the event together with Professor Felix Herth of the University Thorax Clinic in Heidelberg.


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