Priority Research Area Chronic Lung Diseases

Mucosal Immunology and Diagnostic

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Immunological methods:

  • Experimental immunizations
  • Extraction of immunoglobulins from secretions
  • Epitope mapping
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Production of monoclonal antibodies

Cell biological & histological methods:

  • Cell culture
  • In vivo and ex vivo transport studies at mucosal tissues
  • Light and electron microscopy

Biochemical & chemical methods:

  • Synthesis of crosslinkers and tags
  • Generation of protein and peptide conjugates
  • Solid phase synthesis of peptide libraries
  • Immobilization of proteins and peptides on solid surfaces
  • Screening of synthetic peptide libraries
  • Preparation of mucosal secretions and secreted proteins
  • Proteolysis assays

Bioinformatic methods:

  • Evolutionary optimization of peptide ligands

Molecular biological methods:

  • Molecular cloning in E. coli
  • Expression and purification of recombinant proteins
  • Screening of microbial peptide libraries