Priority Research Area Infections

Cellular Microbiology

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  • Leibniz Research Alliance INFECTIONS 
    InfUrb (Speaker): Spread of antimicrobial resistance, -2025
  • Leibniz Research Campus EvoLung
    Interaction between microbiota, host and tuberculosis,-2024
  • German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) (BMBF)
    TTU-TB, Neutrophil signatures in tuberculosis, -2025
  • TB Sequel II (BMBF Afrika)
    Post tuberculosis disease, -2025
    Flavodoxin inhibitors to kill resistant bacteria, -2023
    Vitamin D for AdoLescents with HIV to reduce musculoskeletal morbidity and ImmunopaThologY, -2025
  • ERA4TB (Horizon 2020; IMI)
    European Regimen Accelerator for Tuberculosis, -2025
  • PlasmaPlusCorona (BMBF)
    Cold plasma against SARS Cov2 and biofilm forming lung pathogens, -2024
  • LPI- Basic Technology 1 (BT 1)
    Multi-Dimensional, multimodal, intelligent Imaging Plattforms, tuberculosis in vivo models, -2025
  • Regulatory functions of oxidative/antioxidative processes during host–pathogen interactions in tuberculosis
    (DFG, East Mediterranean Cooperation), -2024


External Cooperations

  • Alexander Apt, Vladimir Yeremeev, Central Institute for Tuberculosis, Moscow, Russia; Properties on susceptibility and resistance in tuberculosis
  • John Baines, MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön: Pulmonary microbiota in infection and immunity
  • Moran Benhar, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel: Redox reactions in tuberculosis
  • Lea Ann Dailey, University Vienna: Targeted nanocarrier for anti-TB drug delivery
  • Claus Feldmann, KIT Karlsruhe: : Targeted nanocarrier for anti-TB drug delivery
  • Ulrich Günther, University Lübeck: Metabolome of tuberculosis infected cells
  • Bernhard Hube, HKI Jena: Mixed biofilms with albicans
  • Paul M. Kelly, University of Lusaka, Zambia: Vitamin D in infection and immunity
  • Katharina Kranzer, LSHTM, London/Harare: Vitamin D in infection and immunity
  • Manfred Lutz, University of Würzburg: Myeloid derived suppressor cells in mycobacterial infections
  • Esther Meyron-Holtz, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel: Iron in tuberculosis
  • Andrea Rachow, LMU Munich: Post Tuberculosis disease
  • Frank Schmidt, Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar: Proteomics of host - pathogen interactions
  • Albert Sickmann, ISAS, Dortmund: Proteomics of host - pathogen interactions
  • Wolfgang Streit, University Hamburg: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia pathobiology
  • Jayne Sutherland, LSHTM/The Gambia: Post Tuberculosis disease
  • Thomas von Woedtke, INP, Greifswald: Cold plasma in anti-infection therapy