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Diagnostic Mycobacteriology

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  • Microscopy: 
    Rapid detection of acid fast bacilli by means of Ziehl-Neelsen-, Kinyoun-, and Auramin-staining
  • Primary isolation:
    Culture for mycobacteria is performed from all biological specimens by using liquid (MGIT 960, BACTEC 9050, BACTEC 460) and solid media (Löwenstein-Jensen, Stonebrink, Middlebrook)
  • Identification and differentiation:
    Identification of mycobacteria grown in culture media is performed with the aid of molecular techniques (line probe assays, sequencing of specific genes (16S rDNA, ITS, hsp65), spoligotyping)
  • Susceptibilty testing of first- and second line drugs:
    Susceptibility testing is performed using the MGIT 960 system and on Löwenstein-Jensen slants.
    Rapid detection of mutations associated with resistance against INH and RMP by using molecular techniques.
  • Epidemiological techniques:
    Fingerprint techniques are performed on TB strains for the confirmation of transmission or in cases suspect of laboratory cross contamination (IS6110-fingerprinting, Spoligotyping, and MIRU-VNTR-analysis).