Facts and Figures

The Research Center Borstel is member of the Leibniz Association, section C “Life Sciences”. The mission of the Center is comprehensive health and biomedical research in pneumology.

Research Financing and External Funding

In 2018, the center received a basic budget of 19.2 million euros. In addition, there were 7.8 million euros in scientific third-party funds and 1.8 million euros from own contributions. The basic budget is financed in equal parts by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Schleswig-Holstein, as well as the state community.

The Center currently holds 20 patent families and a number of cooperation and licensing agreements.

Third party funding and service proceeds, 2015-2018

Publications and Events

The scientists of the Research Center published 172 publications  in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, the Center organized about 39 national and international conferences and workshops. 24 guest scientists visited the Center for research stay.

Development of the research output/publications (peer reviewed), IF 2017, 2013-2018

Publications with IF >10, IF 2017, 2013-2018