Postdoc Initiative

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Who or what is a postdoc?

We define postdocs as all scientists after their doctorate who do not hold a final position as group leader: temporary or permanent, junior or senior scientist up to junior group leaders, so the entire scientific mid-level. For the sake of simplicity we often use the term „postdoc“.Those who feel addressed may participate or benefit from our offers.



Our mission

Our aim is to represent the interests of the scientific mid-level at the FZB, to act as a contact person and to offer courses and workshops to foster our postdocs career in a way they need it.

Our aim is to improve the situation, competitiveness and the interconnectedness of postdocs in Borstel.



What we do

We offer several different trainings fostering each postdoc's career. Such trainings include hard skill courses like statistics courses, soft skill courses like professional career advice, as well as tailored personal coachings. Additionally we a have access to and a contingent for all workshop offers from the Postdoc Center of Kiel University (CAU). You can find past and planned workshops here. If you have any wishes or suggestions for workshops that should be offered here in Borstel do not hesitate to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We collect postdoc-relevant information and provide them on the intranet and via a mailing list.
We are part of the Leibniz Postdoc Network (LPDNW) and the Network for Decent Labour in Academia (NGAWiss), are associated with the Postdoc Center of the Kiel University (CAU) and seek to connect with further postdoc associations. The active members of the PDI meet monthly to exchange ideas and discuss current topics. To get together Borstel`s postdocs and to strengthen the Borstel internal Postdoc network, we monthly organize social evenings and PDI lunchtalks as well as an annual BBQ. Moreover in 2023 the first FZB Postdoc retreat in history will take place and bring Borstel`s postdocs more together. To use experiences and expertises of Borstels postdocs optimal a „Who-is-Who“ document is being set up.

Personal Career coachings as well as a number of different career workshops from the Postdoc Center of the CAU and the LPDNW are open for all of our postdocs.

#Current topics
Up to date and (postdoc) relevant topics are discussed in additional meetings for all interested postdocs. Currently these meetings focus on the explosive developments on the subject of the "WissZeitVG" ("Federal law on fixed term contracts in science and academia").