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Project Sponsor Responsible for project at research group Project partners Duration
Individualized Antibiotic Therapy of Chronic Lung Infections Cluster of Excellence Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation (PMI)  Prof. C. Lange
  • Prof. K. F. Rabe (Großhansdorf)
  • Prof. H. Schulenburg (Kiel)
  • Prof. S. Niemann (FZB)
ClickTB EU - EDCTP Prof. C. Lange
  • GSK, Tres Cantos Spanien
  • Prof. A. Diacon, TASK, RSA
  • Prof. C. Barry, Capetown, RSA
Clin TB
DZIF - German Center for Infection Research
Prof. C. Lange
  • DZIF partner hospitals in Germany
Cross-Border Migration and Tuberculosis between Romania and Germany Fedeal Ministry of Health Prof. C. Lange
  • German Central Committee against Tuberculosis e. V.
  • Robert Koch Institute
  • Marius Nasta Institute of Pulmonology, Romania
  • National Public Health Institute, Romania
Stool4TB EU - EDCTP Prof. C. Lange
  • ISGlobal
  • Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation, Eswatini
  • Manhiça Health Research Center
  • Makerere University
  • The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
  • Baylor College of Medicine
Personalized Medicine DZIF - German Center for Infection Research Prof. C. Lange
  • Prof. Dr. M. Hölscher (München)
  • Dr. C. Geldmacher (München)
  • Dr. U. v Both (München)
  • Dr. A. Rachow (München)
  • Dr. J. Heyckendorf (FZB)
  • Dr. U. Schaible (FZB)
  • Dr. D. Schwudke (FZB)
UNITE4TB EU-IMI. Prof. C. Lange
  • 27 international project partners
Performance of a new generation IGRA in immunocompromised individuals TBNET # 54 Dr. Barbara Kalsdorf
  • Prof. M. Sester (Homburg)